All Persona 3 Reload class and exam answers

Persona 3 Reload: A Comprehensive Guide to Classroom and Exam Answers

As you progress through the academic year in Persona 3 Reload, answering the myriad of questions presented in class is crucial in order to improve your Social Stats. The correct responses to these questions will not only enhance your Charm but also aid in improving your Academics, which is vital when taking exams. Here’s a compilation of all the answers to both classroom and exam questions in Persona 3 Reload to help you become the most intelligent student in class.

Please note that the questions and answers provided here differ from those in previous Persona 3 games. The remake has introduced a fresh set of questions, adding to the challenge for both old and new fans of the game. Here are all the class and exam answers you need to excel in Persona 3 Reload.

April Class Answers

4/8Vivid carp streamers.

May Class Answers

5/6A pantograph.
5/13The pendulum.
5/15May Blues.

First Exam Answers

5/19May Blues.
5/20A pendulum.

January Class Answers

1/8The underworld.

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