Where to find the first Old Document in Persona 3 Reload

How to Obtain the First Old Document in Persona 3 Reload

Looking for the first Old Document in Persona 3 Reload? You can find it on the 22nd floor of Tartarus. The item is located in a chest at the center of the tiny room. It’s hard to miss, so you won’t have trouble finding it once you reach the 22nd floor. Take your time to explore Tartarus, as there is no rush to reach the item within a specific time frame.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

It’s advisable to grab the first Old Document as soon as possible in Persona 3 Reload, as it rewards you with 10,000 Yen. This amount is significant in the early stages of the game and can be used to equip your party with better weapons and armor, which will be essential as the game progresses and gets harder.

There are also other requests to complete for Elizabeth along with this one. One of the easiest requests is to bring her a Muscle Drink, which rewards you with five Soul Drops, rare SP restoration items that will be valuable in the early hours of Persona 3 Reload.