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Ubisoft recently announced the upcoming release of a skin-trading platform in Rainbow Six Siege. This peer-to-peer store is currently in a closed beta phase, with select players already participating and engaging in transactions. The model is similar to Valve’s Counter-Strike marketplace, allowing users to trade, purchase, and sell their cosmetics with other players, leading to some hefty sums being exchanged for rare items.

Some Listings Are Fake

Thousands of cosmetics and skins have already been listed on the Rainbow Six Siege marketplace, some of which are suspected to be fake and set up by Ubisoft for testing purposes. Despite this, legitimate transactions are already taking place, with items such as the Glacier set being sold for over $100.

How to Use the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace to Sell

Head to the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Page

Upon entering the marketplace, users can browse various cosmetic tiers, including uniforms, weapon skins, and operator portraits, under the default Home tab.

Go to the Sell Tab

By selecting the sell tab, users can peruse the items they wish to sell in the marketplace.

Confirm the Items You Want to Sell

After selecting the desired items, users can specify the selling price, noting that Ubisoft takes a 10% fee per transaction.

Check Your Transactions to Stay Informed

Under the My Transactions tab, users can monitor all their past and current purchases within the marketplace.

How to Buy Skins in the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace

Now, let’s explore the process of purchasing items in the Rainbow Six Siege marketplace.

Browse the Items You’d Like to Get Through the Buy Tab

Access the Buy tab to peruse and select the desired items for purchase in the marketplace.

Place the Order and Confirm Your Purchase

After selecting the items, users can place their order and input the preferred purchase amount.

Could Rainbow Six Siege’s Marketplace Be As Successful As Counter-Strike’s Skins Market?

Despite Rainbow Six Siege not boasting the same level of unique skins as Counter-Strike, it does feature rare cosmetics and sets that were available for a limited time. These items are expected to become highly sought after, commanding high prices due to their exclusivity. For instance, a 2019 Six Invitational 416-Carbine cosmetic recently sold for over $600 on the marketplace.

While the Rainbow Six Siege marketplace is currently a far cry from Counter-Strike’s multi-billion dollar skins market, it still presents significant opportunities for players to earn from their skins. Even if it doesn’t reach the same peak, the fans are nonetheless appreciative of the chance to profit from their cosmetics, which was not possible previously.

When Will the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Go Live to the Public?

Although there is no official launch date for the global release of the R6 marketplace, it is currently accessible to users for exploring the worth of their skins, with trading capabilities expected to become available in the future.