New Palworld Duplication Glitch that actually works

The Building Duplication Glitch in Palworld

Palworld, like many other survival building games, has experienced its fair share of duplication glitches. While skepticism is warranted, this particular glitch has proven to be both effective and reliable.

This duplication glitch revolves around the resources used for building in Palworld. It requires an initial investment of resources, but it can be repeated infinitely, allowing you to duplicate essential resources such as Ingots, High Quality Pal Oil, and Pal Metal.

To execute the glitch, you’ll need to select a structure that requires the resources you want to duplicate. For example, the Weapons Assembly Line demands 100 Ingots, making it an ideal choice for duplication. If you already have this structure, you can disassemble it to retrieve all the resources without the need to gather another 100 Ingots.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

When executing the glitch, you’ll want to position yourself at the boundary of your base with the resources in storage. Building within your base’s boundary allows you to use resources from storage in your chests. While building outside this boundary is possible, it requires carrying the resources and will degrade over time without contributing to your base.

There is a specific spot right on the boundary between your base and the outside world where you can build the structure while keeping all your resources in storage.

Cancelling Build In Palworld
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Step-by-Step: The Duplication Process

  1. Move back and forth across the boundary line, ensuring that resources are available within the boundary.
  2. When ready, click ‘build’ just as you cross the line.
  3. After successfully building the structure, quickly cancel the build to duplicate the materials.

In tests, the success rate of this glitch has been remarkably high. Resources can be duplicated in the hundreds within a short span of time.

It’s crucial to note that while this glitch is highly effective, it may not work every time. In such cases, simply cancel the build, return the resources to a chest, and attempt the process again.

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