Chest Hero Simulator Codes (February 2024)


Do you fancy yourself a hero? The kind that swings wicked swords at their enemies? You’ll be doing plenty of that in Chest Hero Simulator, and earning sweet loot at the same time. It’s a good life, but even a good life needs some Chest Hero Simulator codes.

All Chest Hero Simulator Codes List

The rewards you get from Roblox codes can vary wildly, from a few Diamonds to cosmetics. These being temporary, it’s best to redeem as many as you can in Chest Hero Simulator.

Chest Hero Simulator Codes (Working)

  • CHESTMASTER: 200 Chests, 200 Diamonds
  • OPENCHEST4DAYS: 200 Diamonds, 200 Chests
  • HAPPYTHANKSGIVING: Turkey Leg Shield, Weapon Skin
  • TYSM88ALL: 200 Diamonds, 200 Chests
  • JACKPOTCHEST6666: 5 Tickets, 200 Diamonds, 200 Chests, Weapon Skin
  • SUPERCHEST8888: 200 Diamonds, 200 Chests, Shield Skin, Weapon Skin
  • CHESTMASTER3000: 200 Diamonds, 200 Chests
  • THANKS4PLAYING: 50 Chests, 50 Diamonds
  • SORRYANDTYSM: 50 Chests, 50 Diamonds
  • TYSMX3000: 50 Chests, 50 Diamonds
  • TYSOSOMUCH: 50 Chests, 50 Diamonds
  • TYSMTHANKYOU: 50 Chests, 50 Diamonds
  • SORRY4DELAY: 50 Chests, 50 Diamonds
  • OPSHIELDSGG: 150 Chests, 150 Diamonds, Shield skin
  • ILUVCHESTHERO: 50 Chests, 50 Diamonds
  • SWORDS4LIFE: 100 Chests, 100 Diamonds, Chicken Weapon Skin

Chest Hero Simulator Codes (Expired)

How To Redeem Codes in Chest Hero Simulator

Image Source: Roblox Corporations via Twinfinite
  1. Open the Settings menu. It’s a teeny tiny cog icon in the top-left corner.
  2. At the bottom, type in a working code. Try copying and pasting for best results.
  3. Select the Submit button and you’re golden!

How Can You Get More Chest Hero Simulator Codes?

Chest Hero Simulator is one very few Roblox games that gives you a lot of options. You have the official Twitter page, @ApparentlyGames, as well as the ApparentlyGames Discord server. There’s also the Apparently Games Roblox group.

Why Are My Chest Hero Simulator Codes Not Working?

The good news is these particular Roblox codes aren’t very touchy about case-sensitivity. What you need to be careful of is spelling. If you get the spelling right, but it still doesn’t work, then the code has expired and the game will tell you so, too.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Chest Hero Simulator

other ways to get free rewards in chest hero simulator
Image Source: Roblox Corporations via Twinfinite

Chest Hero Simulator has several ways to earn free rewards, other than playing the game. You have a timer that dispenses gifts for staying in the game, a prize wheel, battle pass, daily login reward, quests, and invite rewards.

What is Chest Hero Simulator?

Chest Hero Simulator has you opening chests over and over to win gear, which you then take with you into dungeons, raids, challenges, and the Arena. That’s where you’ll earn more gold to open more chests and, hopefully, get better gear to face tougher foes.

Well, now we can close the book on Chest Hero Simulator codes. What other games do you like playing on Roblox? We’ve got plenty of other code guides, like Anime Dimensions and Grand Piece Online!

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