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The Future of Elden Ring: FromSoftware’s Hit RPG Goes Mobile with Tencent

In a surprising turn of events, the gaming industry giant Tencent has announced its plans to bring FromSoftware’s acclaimed action RPG Elden Ring to the mobile platform. Tencent has secured the license and rights to the IP, as well as purchasing 16% of FromSoftware’s shares, signaling the beginning of this ambitious project.

Although Tencent has assembled a small development team to work on the project, they have encountered challenges related to conflicts in game design elements. FromSoftware games traditionally operate on a one-time purchase monetization model, posing a potential hurdle in the game’s development. The company is considering adopting a monetization model similar to the popular gacha game Genshin Impact, which may involve a weapon gacha system. Many details about the gameplay and format of the mobile game are still unknown at this stage, leaving fans curious about its direction and potential departure from the original game.

Elden Ring as FromSoftware’s Capstone

Elden Ring has enjoyed immense success, including winning Game of the Year in 2022. Considered one of FromSoftware’s crowning achievements, the game skillfully blends the classic Soulslike combat with an expansive open-world environment filled with hidden secrets. Given FromSoftware’s reputation as a leading game developer, fans were caught off-guard by the news of an Elden Ring port for mobile devices. The challenge remains in adapting the game’s expansive map to mobile phones without compromising the experience or overwhelming device storage capacities.

Tencent’s Acquisition of Major Gaming Companies

Tencent has been involved in various high-profile projects tied to popular game franchises, including Assassins Creed, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty Mobile. While the company has also faced setbacks, such as the cancellation of their Nier mobile game, they hold majority shares in prominent studios like Riot Games, Epic Games, and Ubisoft. Additionally, Tencent’s expansion into other industries is evident through its acquisition of the Dungeons and Dragons license from Hasbro.

Despite the announcement, the gaming community remains skeptical as FromSoftware and Tencent have notably differing approaches to game design. Both companies have yet to provide any official statements regarding the development of the Elden Ring mobile game or the sale of the license.

As the project progresses, its fate remains uncertain. Should the game see the light of day, it is likely to divide the gaming community. However, the success of games like Genshin Impact leaves room for optimism, depending on the quality of the mobile port.