How to complete the Rogue Signal Public event in Warzone

Unveiling the New Rogue Signal Event in Warzone

Get ready for an exciting twist in the traditional Battle Royale format with the introduction of the Rogue Signal event in Season 2. If you’re curious about how this event works, look no further as we guide you on how to successfully complete the Rogue Signal Public event in Warzone.

Understanding the Rogue Signal Event in Warzone

The Rogue Signal is a public event that significantly impacts every player on the map, similar to the Fire Sale and Jailbreak events. This event can trigger randomly during your Warzone matches, offering a fresh and competitive experience for all Operators. Currently, it appears to be exclusive to Fortunes Keep in the Resurgence game mode. The Rogue Signal event presents players with the opportunity to secure a valuable High Value Weapon Cache, but only if they emerge victorious.

Tips for Achieving Victory in the Rogue Signal Event

When the Rogue Signal event becomes active, a prominent banner will appear across the screen, signaling its commencement to all players on the map.

Once activated, the Rogue Signal mission will be visible to every participant, featuring a unique objective each time. Objectives can vary from a kill race to the task of opening as many loot crates as possible.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

In the image above, a mission is displayed where the objective is to collect cash, and players can also monitor their ranking in real-time. Upon the mission’s expiration, the Rogue Signal will cease transmission to all but the top three highest-scoring teams.

The top three teams will be rewarded with cash and receive the location of a secret Weapon Cache on the map. It becomes a high-stakes race to reach the cache, but be prepared for a challenging firefight as your opponents are likely formidable players who also secured a top 3 spot. Whether you decide to go for the cache or take the money and run, it’s essential to approach the situation strategically, especially on the small and intense Fortunes Keep map.

It’s crucial to play smart, as recklessly rushing towards the cache can result in an untimely demise. Keep a lookout for other players who may have also obtained the map location, and try to anticipate their movements.

Season 2 has ushered in a host of updates, including new weaponry and even a Ninja Vest for multiplayer. If you’re looking to unlock the Ninja Vest, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide.