Indie Slasher Game Cannibal Abduction Hits PlayStation Today

Cannibal Abduction Details

Torture Star Video has launched Selewi’s PSX-style slasher survival horror game, Cannibal Abduction, on PS4 and PS5.

Henry borrows his father’s car for a weekend trip to escape his parents’ house. However, his plans are foiled when the engine breaks down in the middle of nowhere. A local offers to tow Henry to his farm to fix the car, but ends up having other sinister plans for him.

In this thrilling survival horror game, players step into Henry’s shoes and must work to escape from the cannibal family’s house. The game, inspired by classic slasher movies from the 80s and survival horror PSX games, is developed by the creators of The Night of the Scissors.

The game also includes Selewi’s debut game, Night Of the Scissors, at no extra cost. In Night of the Scissors, players follow Adam as he breaks into an abandoned post office for scrapping, only to discover a maniac wielding a pair of scissors, ready to kill.

In recent years, Torture Star has brought several popular indie horror titles to PlayStation, including Murder House, Nun Massacre, and Night at the Gates of Hell.