Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – How to Get Wojtek

Though Hearts of Iron 4 is a relatively serious World War 2 simulator grand strategy game, there are many bizarre things players can do in the game for fun using the focus tree.

As you get to discover many potential alternate history paths, there are some very interesting rulers that countries can get with enough preparation and effort.

Wojtek is a very brave bear soldier that Poland players can randomly discover and add to their army by meeting extremely confusing requirements.

To get Wojtek as a King in Hearts of Iron 4, players will first need to get him as a General by controlling Hamadan (in Iran) and conquering northern Italy, then conquer Moscow with Anastasia Romanov in charge.

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How to Get Wojtek as a General in HOI4

The hardest part of getting Wojtek to rule your country in HOI4 is actually making him a General first. To make Wojtek a General, players will need to meet 6 requirements:

  • Play as Poland.
  • Complete the Artillery Modernization National Focus.
  • Have a Non-Aligned Government.
  • Be at War with Italy.
  • Control (directly or indirectly) Hamadan in Iran.
  • Control either Latium, Abruzzo, or Toscana.

The easiest part of the challenge will be completing the Artillery Modernization focus. You will just need to the following focuses to get there:

  1. Prepare For The Next War
  2. New Military Academy
  3. Standardization Of Equipment
  4. Army Modernization

When it comes to the government, go down the Assemble the Regency Council focus branch and then pick Fulfill the 5th of November Act to start looking for a king. This will be very important for the Wojtek king step, so make sure to wait and pick Anna Romanov as the new ruler of the country.

War with Soviets and Italy

One of the annoying parts of this achievement is that you will need to be at war with Italy and somehow conquer the northern part of it. Conquering Tuscany (Toscana) will be your best bet as you push through their territories.

At the same time, you will need to conquer Iran. Both of these wars have nothing to do with the focus tree, so it will be most probably caused by a war justification. Players can also end up fighting Italy by fighting Germany.

The best way to do this is to just follow the Romanov path and conquer Lithuania, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, and Romania. Romania guarantees Yugoslavia, so if you rush the focus, you can conquer both in one fell swoop.

Now, when Germany asks for Danzig, just give it up. An early war with Germany and Russia would result in an easy loss.

The Allies will guarantee your independence, which means you’ll get help in the war with the Soviets, so it shouldn’t be a problem to last a while.

The best way to get Hamadan and beat Iran is to try to advance through Russia to the south and justify on Iran once you’re close enough to push through Soviet territory.

Defeating the Soviets will be vital for continuing the guide since there’s no way to beat both the Axis and Comintern at the same time.

Iran will very likely join the Soviet’s faction, which means you can now defeat both of them and even join the Allies to start fighting Italy. Or, just use the focus tree to attack Germany by claiming Pomerania.

Once all requirements are met, players will get an event where the brave soldier Wojtek has been doing a great job carrying munition and he should get a promotion to General.

How to Get Wojtek as a King

The only way to get Wojtek as a King is to trigger an event under these circumstances:

  • Have Anna Romanov as the country’s ruler.
  • Control Moscow.

After Wojtek becomes a General in the army, players will just need to conquer the Moscow state to get an event where they find out that Anna Romanov is actually a fake pretender, the Soviets annihilating the whole remnants of the Romanov family.

Normally, players would just have a choice to remove the evidence. However, if they have Wojtek in the army, they will also get a choice that “Someone else should bear the crown of Poland!”

This choice will give Poland Wojtek as the king of the country, with a +20% Stability and War Support buff.

If you’ve already conquered Moscow before getting Wojtek as a General, then you will just get the event after waiting for a bit.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Wojtek in Hearts of Iron 4!

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