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List of All Costumes and How to Unlock Them

Persona 3 Reload allows you to customize your characters’ appearance by unlocking various costumes. While these cosmetics don’t enhance your fighting abilities, they do add an extra layer of enjoyment to the game. Here’s a list of all the costumes in the game and how to unlock them:

Uniform and Armband

  • Characters: All Characters
  • How to Unlock: Default

SEES Uniform

  • Characters: All Characters
  • How to Unlock: Automatically Available after 6/13 in the game.

Battle Panties

  • Characters: Yukari
  • How to Unlock: Randomly obtained from opening chests in Tartarus

Bicolor Shorts

  • Characters: Akihiko
  • How to Unlock: Defeat the second boss in the 143rd-floor Monad Passage

Infiltration Outfit

  • Characters: Aigis
  • How to Unlock: Obtained after unlocking Aigis on 7/24

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How to Equip Persona 3 Reload Costumes

Once you’ve unlocked the costumes, you can easily equip them by opening the menu and selecting Equip. The fifth option in the menu allows you to change your character’s costumes. It’s important to note that you cannot do this while engaged in storyline content.