All Milestones & Rewards for Retro Love in Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO’s Milestone Event, Retro Love, Begins

In Monopoly GO, the Retro Love milestone event has started, bringing an end to the Cupid’s Cuties event. With even more goodies, you’ve got no time to lose.

Also, you’ll be given plenty of Hearts to help with the Valentines Partners event!

Full List of Milestones and Rewards for Retro Love in Monopoly GO

Below is a complete list of all the rewards for the Retro Love Milestone Event in Monopoly GO. Note that cash rewards vary from player to player, so I can’t give any values.

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards

How does the Retro Love milestone event work in Monopoly GO?

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Retro Love is a milestone event in Monopoly GO that coincides with the Valentines Partners event. In milestone events, you will be collecting points. As you hit the point milestones for the event, you’ll be rewarded, with a great prize for hitting all the milestones. The point requirements will generally get larger and larger, but so will the rewards. Also, keep in mind, that sometimes they’ll spike in the points needed!

How to get points in Retro Love in Monopoly GO

To get points in Retro Love in Monopoly GO, you’ll need to land on one of the following Tiles:

  • Chance = 2 points.
  • Community Chest = 3 points.
  • Railroad = 5 points.

The points you gained will be multiplied by your current Dice Multiplier, so I hope you have a lot of spare dice!

Best way to win Retro Love in Monopoly GO

Since 10 Tiles will net you points in this event, you’ll need to be careful with how you engage your dice multiplier. The general rule of thumb is to maximise it when you’re around 4 to 7 Tiles away from the target, but with so many Tiles being targets, you may find that you have to ignore less valuable targets to persevere dice.

When rolling two six-sided dice, the average roll is 5.5, hence the target discussed above. Ultimately, however, the whim of the dice is random, so this is only general advice and won’t guarantee a thing.

How long will Retro Love last in Monopoly GO?

The Retro Love milestone event started at 3 PM UTC on February 11 and will last for just over 3 days, ending on February 14, when the Valentine’s Partners Event will end.

Now that you’re up to date with the Retro Love Milestone event for Monopoly GO, why don’t you check out the news of the next Partners Event?