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Elegant Mother Overview

The Elegant Mother wears a white mask covering her face and a long trench coat draping down the floor. She appears to players lazily lying on a chair with an all-black motif. While she is not particularly too challenging, she has several attacks that can catch you off-guard and can wipe out your team if you’re unprepared. She’s also stronger than most bosses because she is considered a Monad Door.

As a Monad Door, the Elegant Mother provides the first significant challenge for players since she is the first for these bosses. We don’t have many details about its abilities since not many people have reached this level yet, but we know she has three attacks. The first is the default melee skill, while the second is Poison Mist. The latter deals significant damage over time and can quickly defeat the team if not cleansed. The last one is called Demonic Decree, which deals considerable damage to a single target that could potentially down them.

Elegant Mother Location

The Elegant Mother resides on the 80th floor of the Yabbashah Block. She is the first Monad Boss you will encounter, and she will fight you alone without any additional mobs. While she doesn’t have a specified mob level, the recommended level for fighting her is 28 or above. She is one of the two Monad Bosses for the first half of Yabbashah, along with the Phantom Mage.

How to Beat an Elegant Mother

This Nomad Boss has little resistance as she is only strong against Dark damage. However, she is vulnerable to fire attacks, which you should take advantage of. She doesn’t have any elements that she can nullify or repel. While it may seem she is not durable, she still has a lot of HP, and her focus is on offense.

Stacking up on fire attacks is the best way to defeat her. Using Agilao abilities can knock her down, which allows players to execute All-Out attacks. While she isn’t resistant to any other damage, it’s best to focus on using fire skills to maximize DPS. Avoid using any dark attacks since they will drain your SP and not do any significant damage.

Be wary of her Poison Mist and Demonic Decree. Poison Mist can deal with considerable damage over time if not cured, so you need to bring Dis-Poison items to cleanse it. If you don’t treat it immediately, you’ll set yourself up for quick KOs from Demonic Decree.

Her Demonic Decree deals significant damage that can quickly eliminate team members with half HP. The best way to deal with this is to ensure everyone is always at or near max HP. Removing poison status is essential, so it won’t reduce character health to levels that can get them one-shotted by Demonic Decree.

Best Team Composition (MC with Horus or Isis, Yukari, Junpei, and Fuuka/Mitsuru)

The best way to defeat the Elegant Mother is to fill your team with fire-themed characters and healers. You can use either Horus or Isis since they are the most suitable flame Personas for this level, but the former is the more accessible one. Both have Agi attacks that are very effective against the Elegant Mother.

Many consider Yukari the best healer in the game since she focuses more on this aspect rather than attacking. Since you must always keep your HP bar at max level, her efficient healing capabilities will help players keep their team alive. If you are still dying a lot, you can supplement her by adding Mitsuru as a secondary healer.

Junpei packs quite a lot of punches and has several fire-themed attacks. He is arguably the best character to bring alongside the MC to maximize the DPS against the Elegant Mother. After him, consider getting Fuuka because of her immense support role.

Fuuka can scan for weaknesses and resistances and provide team-wide buffs to help ensure your team is performing at its best. In addition, she can give a bit of healing to complement Yukari’s healing, but Fuuka’s is not as strong. However, you can substitute Mitsure for her since she provides some buffs and recovery spells.