Destiny 2 – Duality Dungeon Guide

There are many dungeons you can challenge throughout your journey in Destiny 2, with some being easier than others. One of the dungeons that causes some trouble for some players is The Duality Dungeon.

The Duality Dungeon introduces a lot of unique mechanics not seen in any other Destiny 2 encounter.

This guide will help you through your very first Duality Dungeon clear and act as a great source to refresh your memory if you are a returning player.


The Duality Dungeon is a deep dive into the mind of Emporer Calus, literally. You will be tasked with navigating your way through Calus’ mind and retrieving the information that the Vanguard is after.

A central theme of the Dungeon is the use of the Nightmare Realm.

Entering the Nightmare Realm will eliminate certain obstacles that were previously in your way and, in some instances, teleport you to a completely new area during an encounter.

Clever use of this mechanic is key for this Dungeon. Note that you will need to own either the Witch Queen Deluxe Edition Expansion or the Dungeon Pass DLC in order to access the Duality Dungeon.

You will find the Dungeon ready to be launched on the Moon Map.

How to Complete the Duality Dungeon

The first encounter will have you drop down into your first puzzle. You will be trapped inside a room with a single grated doorway. Past the window, sitting in the center of the next room, is a Bell.

Shooting the Bell will teleport you and your Fireteam into the Nightmare Realm, removing the grate on your door and allowing you to pass into the next room.

To return from the Nightmare Realm and go back to reality, you will need to shoot the Bell again. Make sure that you and your Fireteam are all standing inside of the circle that is now around the Bell when returning.

Anyone outside of the circle when the Bell is shot will die. This is the single most important mechanic in this Dungeon that you will use time and time again.

From here, fight your way up to the top layer of the room. You should see another Bell on the opposite side of the room once you are at the top.

Shoot the Bell, head towards it, and return to reality. Repeat this process with all of the Bells you find along this platforming section.

Nightmare of Gahlran, Sorrow Bearer

This is your first Boss encounter in the Dungeon. The room layout contains a Bell on either side of the encounter, along with a symbol in each of the corners.

You are now ready for your first clear of the Duality Dungeon!

What loot are you hoping to get from this Dungeon? Let me know in the comments!