Airship Survival Adventure Game Forever Skies Will Be PS5 Console Launch Exclusive

Exciting News for Console Gamers!

Developer Far From Home has partnered with Sony to bring Forever Skies to consoles in 2024. This collaboration includes development support and funding, marking a significant milestone for the game’s future.

“So, at the end of PC Early Access when we’re ready to release the full game, we’ll be launching it on PlayStation 5 for consoles,” said gameplay lead Andrzej Blumenfeld. “Worry not though, this will not affect the ongoing development or release of the Steam version which will come out at the same time.”

Despite the partnership with Sony, Forever Skies’ current early access phase on PC will remain unaffected. The game is set to make its official console debut on PlayStation 5 once the early access period is completed. Additionally, the final version of Forever Skies will support both single-player and co-op gameplay for up to four players.

While Forever Skies was previously announced for Xbox Series X|S in 2022, it appears that the PlayStation 5 version will take precedence, with the Xbox release coming at a later date.

During a recent earnings call, Sony revealed that it would not be releasing any first-party games from major franchises until April 2025 at the earliest. This leaves room for third-party console timed exclusives like Forever Skies to fill the gap and provide exciting new gaming experiences for console players.