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What are Theurgy Abilities

The Theurgy Mechanic is a feature exclusive to the Persona 3 Reload remake. It is like Persona 5 Royal’s Showtime system but, arguably, even better. These abilities become available later in the game, and every character will feature their unique Theurgy Skill with varying effects. 

Once unlocked, each character will have Theurgy bars on the right side of the screen. These meters fill up during battle or when performing specific actions. You can execute their Theurgy Abilities once you have filled these bars, which will depend on the characters’ personalities. 

How to Unlock Theurgy Abilities

Players can unlock Theurgy Abilities by progressing further in the game. There aren’t any specific things you can actively do other than play the storyline. Theurgy Abilities become available on June 13, the same day you unlock S.E.E.S. outfits. After 6/13, you can freely use any of the characters’ ultimate skills if the Theurgy bars are filled. 

List of All Theurgy Abilities and How to Charge Them


  • Theurgy – Fusion Spells: Use your Ultimate ability with varying effects depending on the Fusion spell selected. 
  • How to Charge It: Use Persona Skills

Yukari Takeba

  • Theurgy – Cyclone Arrow: Attack one target with extreme wind damage, which ignores all resistances.
  • How to Charge It: Use Healing Skills

Junpei Iori

  • Theurgy – Hack n’ Blast: Deal a series of attacks, with the first five dealing random high damage variance and the sixth and seventh attacks inflicting stronger D.P.S.
  • How to Charge It: Land Critical Hits

Mitsuru Kirijo

  • Theurgy – Blizzard Edge: Deal Ice damage to a single enemy, which ignores all resistances and can inflict Freeze.
  • How to Charge It: Inflict or Receive a Debuff Status

Akihiko Sanada

  • Theurgy – Lightning Spike: Deal Lightning damage that ignores resistance and can inflict Shock.
  • How to Charge It: Use a Support Skill on Himself.

Fuuka Yamagishi (Navi)

  • Theurgy – Oracle: Provide a randombuff on the whole team.
  • How to Charge It: Charges randomly during battle


  • Theurgy – Orgia Mode: Deal heavy pierce attacks to all enemies that ignore resistance but ignore order for three turns to do random actions. Aigis will be weaker for two consecutive turns after the Theurgy ability.
  • How to Charge It: Use Strength-based Skills


  • Theurgy – Hound of Hades: Deal significant Dark damage to an enemy that ignores resistance.
  • How to Charge It: Theurgy Bar charges itself automatically each turn but fills up faster when S.P. is less than half.

Ken Amada

  • Theurgy – Divine Retribution: Deal significant Light damage to a target that ignores resistances. 
  • How to Charge It: Theurgy Bar charges itself automatically each turn but fills up faster when S.P. is less than half.

Shinjiro Aragaki

  • Theurgy – Bleeding Fury: Deal significant Strike damage to one enemy that ignores resistances.
  • How to Charge It: Theurgy Bar charges itself automatically each turn but fills up faster when S.P. is less than half.

List of All Protagonist Fusion Spells

The Protagonist is the only character that can feature multiple effects. His Fool’s Arcana allows him to take on various personas, manifesting with his Fusion Spells. This Theurgy ability combines two personas to produce a powerful attack. You can unlock them via the Velvet Room’s Special Fusions. Here is the list of all combinations for the Protagonist’s Theurgy skill:

  • Cadenza (Orpheus + Apsaras) – Recovers all allies’ H.P. by 50% and buffs their Accuracy and Evasion.
  • Jack Brothers (Jack-o’-Lantern + Jack Frost) – Deals considerate Almighty damage to all enemies with a high chance of inflicting down.
  • King and I (Black Frost + King Frost) – Deals significant Ice damage to all foes that ignore resistances and have a considerate chance to Freeze them.
  • Best Friends (Decarabia + Forneus) – Deal physical or magic attack for double the damage of a selected ally.
  • Scarlet Havoc (Siegfried + Mithras) – Deals significant Slash damage to all enemies that ignore resistances.

Players don’t need to do specific actions to unlock all these Fusion Spells other than playing the game. You can check if you have new abilities for the MC’s Theurgy by visiting Elizabeth, who will tell you if there are new Fusions. They don’t need to be equipped to use them since they are available anytime.