Payday 3 to Launch Offline Mode in Response to Low Sales

Payday 3 to Introduce Offline Mode as Part of Operation Medic Bag

Payday 3 will be receiving an offline mode in an effort to address lower than expected sales and player activity, according to developer Starbreeze. The offline mode is just one part of the comprehensive Operation Medic Bag roadmap, which outlines a series of improvements and new content planned for the game through 2024.

Starbreeze has made it clear that their top priority for Payday 3 is to ensure that the game meets players’ expectations. The Operation Medic Bag roadmap includes what the company describes as “some of the most impactful changes to PAYDAY 3,” such as the introduction of an offline mode and enhancements to the game’s overall stability.

The implementation of the offline mode will occur in two stages. The first stage will introduce a standalone solo mode that players can access without the need for matchmaking, although an internet connection will still be required for progression and unlocks.

Following this, the second phase will eliminate the need for a constant internet connection, with players only needing to connect intermittently to upload progression. More details on this will be shared at a later date.

In addition to the offline mode, Starbreeze has acknowledged that the game’s matchmaking system is in need of improvement. The company has announced plans to rebuild the matchmaking system into a more robust system, along with the introduction of new social and co-op features in 2024, such as a Crime.Net-style server browser. In the meantime, quickplay functionality will be added to support the current system.

As part of the roadmap, the current challenge-based progression system will be replaced with infamy progression tied to heist completion. This will result in changes to heist payout values to include scaling per bag secured for Infamy Points and a new bonus for loud playstyles. Challenges will still offer cosmetic rewards.

While some features require preparation before they can be implemented, others can be worked on immediately. These are the more immediate improvements the company aims to complete by this summer:

  • Quickplay v1
  • Loadout Renaming
  • Recurring Smaller Content Drops
  • Controller Improvements
  • Vote Kick
  • Rotating Stealth Modifiers
  • Unready Button
  • Play Again Feature
  • Merge Players into Party Post Match
  • Daily Activities with Rewards
  • Mask Vendor with Weekly Rotating Inventory
  • Communication Wheel Improvements v1

Despite these planned improvements, Starbreeze has also announced three DLCs for 2024 as well as a free heist. In response to concerns about DLC pricing, the company has stated that the pricing of the upcoming content will be reviewed. More details on these plans will be revealed soon.