Raft – How to Charge Battery

One of the items you really need in order to take on the story missions in the video game Raft is the Battery. It’s also an essential part of many machines that can help you with repetitive tasks, such as the Sprinkler and the Recycler.

However, a Battery won’t last forever. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to replace it with a new one, or you can use the upgraded version, Advanced Battery, to extend its use time.

Crafting batteries can be expensive, especially in the beginning of the game. That’s why it’s important to learn how to charge batteries in Raft.

You have two options for recharging a Battery in Raft. You can use either a Battery Charger or a Wind Turbine. The Battery Charger can be found quite early in the game and requires Biofuel to charge batteries, while a Wind Turbine uses wind power to recharge batteries at zero cost.

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How to Charge Battery in Raft

If you’re able to recharge batteries in Raft, it’s best to craft a new Battery only if absolutely necessary or if you have plenty of resources. Otherwise, it’s best to wait until you reach the fourth story island – Caravan Island.

Battery Charger

On Caravan Island, you’ll be able to find three Battery Charger Parts that will unlock the Battery Charger blueprint. Make sure to complete the story here to get the Metal Detector blueprint as well, as you’ll need this tool to find Titanium.

After that, return to your raft and research the Battery Charger recipe. By this point, you only need to research 1 Titanium to unlock this recipe.

Open the crafting menu, go to the Other tab (the second tab), and craft a Battery Charger using 15 Plastic, 5 Scraps, 1 Circuit Board, and 4 Titanium Ingots. Then, place it on your raft.

You’ll see two empty slots and a tank with a gauge on top of it. First, put Biofuel in the tank to fill the gauge. Then, put a Battery in one of the empty slots to recharge it.

You can recharge two batteries simultaneously. The time to fully recharge a Battery is 185 seconds. Once the batteries are fully charged, the Battery Charger will turn off to save Biofuel.

You can also connect the Battery Charger with a Biofuel Tank using Fuel Pipes to partially automate the refueling process.

Wind Turbine

Since you need to use Biofuel for other machines (Engines, for example), it can be a bit inefficient to recharge batteries using the Battery Charger.

On the sixth story island, Varuna Point, you’ll find an extremely useful blueprint that unlocks a way better recharging method – the Wind Turbine blueprint.

It doesn’t require any new materials, so you can learn the recipe right away. After that, you can craft it with 20 Planks, 8 Ropes, 4 Titanium Ingots, and 4 Circuit Boards. You need to place it somewhere high on your raft.

Since wind power is stronger at high altitudes, batteries are charged faster when the wind turbine is up higher. The higher, the better, up to a maximum height of 3 walls tall.

The table below shows various heights and the corresponding time needed in seconds to recharge both versions of the Battery in Raft.

HeightSimple Battery (seconds)Advanced Battery (seconds)

When placed on the highest floor, the Wind Turbine charges batteries faster than the Battery Charger. It also has 4 charging slots and costs you nothing but time, making it the best method to recharge batteries in Raft.

That’s how to charge batteries in Raft!

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