How to make the moon in Infinite Craft

Some things you create in Infinite Craft can be simple like glass, while others can take some time to figure out what they need. Celebrities, for example, will have you backtracking because you need to make three or four elements to make one. The topic at hand is somewhat like that but doesn’t need much of a sidestep to make. If you want to learn how to make the moon in Infinite Craft, you come to the right place.

Infinite Craft: How to create the moon

Like most things in Infinite Craft, you’ll need two parts. Getting all the elements can be a task, but thankfully for the moon, it isn’t that bad or hard to make. The funny thing about making the moon is that there are ingredients that you wouldn’t expect — or at least I didn’t. This can make it less straightforward than a monkey. But still, it’s possible.

So let’s start with the first part.

Building a bong

So, this is the one thing you would associate a moon with. But for some reason, it’s one of the two primary ingredients that make the celestial object in Infinite Craft.

  • Plant + Wind = Dandelion
  • Dandelion + Plant = Weed
  • Weed + Water = Bong
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Easy right? I was surprised at how few steps this item took.

Generating gravity

Unlike the bong, gravity makes far more sense. On the other hand, it’ll take you a while to make if you don’t have the right formula. Lucky for you, I got exactly what you require.

  • Fire + Bible = Hell
  • Tree + Hell = Apple
  • Apple + Apple = Apple Tree
  • Apple + Book = Newton
  • Newton + Book = Gravity
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The one thing that is strange about this method is the addition of Hell. I guess it means down, and gravity goes down, right?

Forging the moon

You’re at the end of the creation. Now mix up both Gravity and Bong and of course, the result will be the Moon. Just don’t go causing tidal waves with its power. This is optional, but if you mix the moon and the Sun, you can make an Eclipse.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can also make a girlfriend — in Infinite Craft though. Find out how to here if that’s something you choose to make.

Infinite Craft is free to play via any browser.