Old School RuneScape (OSRS) – How to Get to Shilo Village

Shilo Village is one of the three major cities in the region of Karamja and is located just north of the Kharazi Jungle. To access this remote village, players must complete a specific quest.

Since Shilo Village is quite isolated, finding a reliable method of getting there can be challenging.

You can get to Shilo Village in OSRS by either teleporting with Karamja Gloves 3 or 4, taking the cart transportation service from Brimhaven, using a Fairy Ring to get close to the entrance, or by going through the Abyss and out of the Nature Runecrafting altar.

How to Get to Shilo Village in OSRS

Before reaching Shilo Village, players need to complete the “Shilo Village” quest, which has a few other requirements to fulfill.

“Shilo Village” Quest Requirements:

  • 20 Crafting
  • 32 Agility
  • Completion of the “Jungle Potion” quest.

Once the quest is completed, players can enter Shilo Village by crossing the broken cart in the southeast corner of the village or through other means.

While there are many ways to reach Karamja, a few distinct methods lead directly to Shilo Village.

Karamja Gloves 3/4

Those who have completed the Hard Tier Karamja Achievement Diary can use the Gem Mine teleport with the gloves.

The Karamja Gloves 3/4 teleport is the fastest way to reach Shilo Village and is commonly used for gem mining and reaching Duradel for tasks.

The Hard Tier Karamja Achievement Diary is surprisingly not as difficult as it sounds. The trickiest task is arguably killing a Ket-Zek, which starts to spawn halfway into the Fight Caves.

Cart Transportation

After traveling to Brimhaven, players will find Hajedy by the docks with a large cart, which can be reached by taking a charter or other means.

For 200gp, he will take players directly to Shilo Village, saving them from walking through the jungle.

Paying 200gp to reach Shilo Village directly is a massive time-saver, considering the jungle traversal otherwise required.

Furthermore, players can speak to Vigroy, the person with the cart west of Shilo Village bank, and pay 200gp to be transported back to Brimhaven.

Fairy Rings

One of the most useful teleportation systems in Old School RuneScape, players can use Fairy Rings after partial competition of the “Fairytale II – Cure A Queen” quest.

With a Dramen/Lunar Staff in hand (or no staff if you completed the Elite Tier Lumbridge Achievement Diary), players can use Fairy Ring Code CKR to reach the Fairy Ring northwest of Shilo Village.

Here, they can run to the entrance to enter Shilo Village.

Using The Nature Altar

By accessing the Abyss through the Mage of Zamorak just north of Edgeville, players can reach any of the Runecrafting altars around Old School RuneScape.

The Nature Altar is right next to Shilo Village, making this an unconventional method of reaching south Karamja.

From Edgeville, run north into the Wilderness (being mindful of what you are bringing) and talk to the Mage of Zamorak to teleport to the Abyss.

Once here, players can find the entrance to the Nature Altar, then enter and exit the portal at the altar itself to reach Karamja directly. Then, simply run to the Shilo Village entrance.

That is how to get to Shilo Village in Old School RuneScape!

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