Princess Peach: Showtime Trailer Reveals Dashing New Transformations

A Sneak Peek at Princess Peach: Showtime’s New Trailer!

Get ready to dive into the action with Princess Peach: Showtime’s latest trailer, showcasing the stunning array of outfits and abilities available to the Mushroom Kingdom’s beloved princess.

The Showtime storyline follows Princess Peach as she faces off against the sinister Sour Bunch, who are determined to sabotage a performance at the Sparkle Theater. With the help of theater guardian Stella, Peach gains the remarkable power to transform and utilize various abilities based on the costumes she adorns. Players will navigate through a series of stages, each resembling different theater plays with dynamically changing sets and environments.

Figure Skater Peach captivates fans with her graceful movements across a winter-themed stage, utilizing elegant spins to dismantle foes in her path. Meanwhile, the Dashing Thief costume presents Peach with a daring Carmen Sandiego-inspired appearance, allowing her to employ a retractable grappling hook to traverse 2D levels while dodging security bots. Mermaid Peach showcases her enchanting siren-like singing voice during a captivating musical mini-game, and Mighty Peach transforms the princess into a formidable Super Sentai-style hero, equipped with super strength and a jetpack to engage in high-flying combat against alien adversaries.

Mark your calendars for the release of Princess Peach: Showtime on Switch, scheduled for March 22. Nintendo is also set to debut pink rose-colored Joy-Cons to commemorate the occasion.