Sega’s Upcoming Crazy Taxi Revival Will Apparently Be A “Triple-A” Game

Sega’s Sapporo Studio To Work on Revivals of Classic Games Including Crazy Taxi

At The Game Awards last year, Sega revealed it would be reviving a handful of classic franchises for modern platforms.

If you are wondering just how impressive these titles might be, it seems the third-party publisher and developer could be going all out. During a chat with The Japan Times, the team at Sega’s relatively new Sapporo Studio mentioned how it was “participating in the development of Triple-A titles, including Crazy Taxi”.

Crazy Taxi was part of Sega’s original legacy revival announcement, which also includes the return of Jet Set Radio, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe and Shinobi. Several other games also appear to be on the way.

Right now, Sapporo Studio isn’t working on any titles independently but does “intend to do so” in the future. It was originally founded in December 2021 during the pandemic and is led by Takaya Segawa.

Sega has previously revealed how its new legacy revival series is “now in development” with the same projects expected to be released in the coming years. You can learn more about what Sega might have planned in our previous coverage here on Nintendo Life.

Excited for the Return of Classic Sega Titles?

If you are excited to hear that Sega could potentially be going all out with at least some of these upcoming projects, get involved and share with us; which Sega classics would you like to see return? Leave a comment below.

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