How to open the Bastille of Intellect in Nightingale

The Hidden Puzzle of Nightingale: Unlocking the Bastille of Intellect

The Bastille of Intellect in Nightingale is a mysterious structure housing a valuable treasure behind its gates. This guide will help you unravel the secrets of this enigmatic puzzle.

The Bastille of Intellect puzzle in Nightingale

The Bastille of Intellect is marked on your map with Puzzle Pieces, and will remain active until you solve the puzzle and claim the rewards. It is vital to pay close attention to this structure as it holds great riches for the discerning player.

As you approach the Bastille of Intellect, you will notice three blue pyramid structures next to a strange structure at the gates. The key to solving this puzzle lies in activating the Blue Puzzle Pieces in the correct order.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Be cautious as enemies may lurk inside the Bastille of Intellect, posing a potential threat. Additionally, failing the puzzle may summon these enemies, so it’s best to proceed carefully.

Observe the blue prisms alongside the bastille to decipher the order of their activation indicated by shimmering blue glyphs. Once you have determined the correct order, activate them one by one, connecting them to the Puzzle Core at the center. When all three connect to the Puzzle Core, you will have successfully completed the puzzle.

Rewards of the Bastille of Intellect in Nightingale

Upon successfully solving the Bastille of Intellect in Nightingale, you will be rewarded with two valuable prizes.

Favor In Nightingale
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Within the Puzzle Core, you will find a Hope Echo, awarding you with various prizes such as crafting recipes and valuable items. Additionally, you will be able to claim a Favor from inside the Bastille of Intellect itself, providing temporary buffs to your character.

Now that you’ve uncovered the secrets of the Bastille of Intellect in Nightingale, why not explore if the game is available on the Steam Deck?