One of Magic’s deadliest cards is back for Fallout’s Commander release

Magic: The Gathering’s Universes Beyond collection continues to expand, this time venturing into the Fallout universe. Four Fallout-themed decks for the multiplayer Commander format have been introduced, along with some amazing reprints and alternate art treatments awaiting discovery inside Collector Boosters.

Publisher Wizards of the Coast unveiled the decks during its Weekly MTG streaming program on Tuesday, with the biggest reveal being the return of Ravages of War – a card that destroys every land on the table, even your own! The revamped Sol Ring, featuring the Pip-Boy himself, is another exciting addition. More previews can be found below:

Scrappy Survivors

Scrappy Survivors comes with an assortment of aura and equipment which includes fan favorites like Dogmeat, DJ Three Dog, Sofia Daguerre, and Nick Valentine.


The Science! deck features Dr. Madison Li as its face card. This artifact-heavy deck generates plenty of energy to power creatures or draw additional cards and ties in a unique Saga card that mirrors Fallout’s questlines.

Mutant Menace

The Mutant Menace deck welcomes super mutants, ghouls, and Fallout 76’s endearing cryptid, Mothman. It also introduces a new rad counter mechanic that strengthens certain wasteland residents.

Hail, Caesar

The Hail, Caesar deck brings many militants from the Fallout universe to the magical world of Magic: The Gathering. This deck is unique with its aspect of damage-dealing and the player’s end-game moves powered by sacrificing a multitude of cards.

Collector Boosters

A number of highly desired reprints will only appear in the set’s Collector Boosters. They include Ravages of War, a unique take on Sol Ring, and limited edition illustrations.