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The Persona series has long been renowned for its Social Links and RPG mechanics that drive character growth outside of dungeon-crawling. And character personality stats play a significant role in every Persona game, with Persona 3 Remastered (P3R) following suit. Engaging in certain activities during your free days is crucial to boosting your personality traits, which are necessary to unlock specific Social Links. Much of the game revolves around finding the right balance to complete all Social Links, leading to the most powerful Personas and the best possible ending to the story. This guide will outline the schedule of all activities between April and June to ensure you maximize your time. It will also cover the answers to all school questions on specific days. If you’re interested in other games like Persona 3, be sure to visit PlayerAuctions.

April Daily Schedule Walkthrough

April marks the first month in Persona 3, and during this time, it will primarily focus on the story, leaving limited time to increase your social stats. From April 7 to April 20, most of your time is dedicated to the game’s prologue, so you have limited control over your schedule. But once April 21 rolls around, you’ll have the entire day, afternoon, and night cycle at your disposal to determine your activities.

When April 21 arrives, pay a visit to the Nurse’s Office at school and take the offer to drink a mysterious concoction, which will earn you a point for your Courage stat. Also, take note of Mr. Edogawa whenever you visit Tartarus, as he will consistently provide you with this mystery shot whenever you’re Tired from exploring the tower. Afterward, you’re free to participate in any activity that offers social skill points. In the evening, visit Tartarus and level up as much as possible until you reach Floor 5.

On April 22, embark on Kenji’s Social Link after school, then eat at Wakkatsu to gain some Academics points. The following day, start Kazushi’s Social Link by visiting the gym building and joining the Track club. In the evening, return to Tartarus and attempt to reach Floor 11 if possible.

April 24 entails returning to the Nurse’s Office for more Courage points and continuing Kazushi’s Social Link to Level 2. When Yuko offers to walk home with you, accept to initiate her Social Link. Afterward, have dinner at Wild Duck Burger in the evening to further boost your Courage.

For April 25, obtain the Persimmon Leaf in the Corridor area of the school, visit Bookworms Book Store in Paulownia Mall to start the old couple’s Social Link, then dine at Wakkatsu. The next day, continue their Social Link and make your way to Floor 22 of Tartarus in the evening.

On April 27, you can join the Student Council organization and start Hidetoshi’s Social Link. Then work at Chagall Cafe to earn some cash and a few Charm and Courage points in the evening.

Finally, on April 28, attempt to talk to Chihiro for the first time, hang out with the Track club to continue Kazushi’s Social Link, and play House of the Deceased to further bolster your Courage at night.

On April 29, stay at home and play Innocent Sin in your room to initiate Maya’s Social Link. Then, use the dorm’s Shared Computer to study and boost your academic performance before the day ends.

Finishing up with April 30: stay attentive in class for a complimentary Academic boost. During your free time, break the ice with Chihiro for her future Social Link by choosing the right dialogue options when speaking with her. Afterwards, visit the new 3rd floor of Paulownia Mall to go to the internet cafe and purchase software that provides social stat points. Return to the Old Couple once more to level up your Social Link with them and unlock Bebe’s Social Link at the same time. Finally, head to Tartarus at night to continue leveling up and acquiring more Personas for fusion.

Class Room Answers

  • April 8: Vivid Carp Streamers
  • April 18: Middens
  • April 27: Option A

May Daily Schedule Walkthrough

May presents two significant events to watch out for: The Full Moon operation and the mid-term exams.

May 1 features a mandatory story event in the afternoon, but the evening is free, providing the opportunity to play House of the Deceased and bolster your Courage.

On May 2, engage with Chihiro again and agree to hang out with her to prompt more progress in her Social Link. Then, spend time with Yuko to accumulate additional Social Link points and visit the arcade to play House of the Deceased in the evening.

May 3 to 5 marks the Golden Week Holiday, allowing for extra activities. Starting on May 3, purchase something from the TV shopping event, socialize with Maya, and use the Courage boosting program at the Shared Computer for the night.