Dead by Daylight’s next chapter has been revealed and its new killer is pure nightmare fuel

Dead by Daylight: All Things Wicked Update Revealed

Behaviour Interactive has unveiled the latest chapter for Dead by Daylight, titled All Things Wicked.

Scheduled to be released on March 12, the All Things Wicked content update will transport players to a mysterious location with more mysteries than answers. It will also introduce the new Greenville Square map, where a series of disappearances has haunted the town for decades.

The map is designed to evoke the atmosphere of an 80s horror movie and will provide players with access to the town square, local cinema, arcade, and a theater room. Players will also have the opportunity to explore the new playable survivor, Sable Ward.

Sable not only has an intriguing appearance, but she also comes with a set of unique perks, including Strength in Shadows, Wicked, and Invocation: Weaving Spiders. The latter allows the player to cast a spell that increases the speed of other survivors. If party members have the same perk equipped, the speed will be increased even further. However, casting Invocation will come with its own set of consequences.

As with every major Dead by Daylight chapter, a new killer is also introduced. ‘The Unknown’ is a particularly disturbing addition, given its ability to scuttle along the floor and launch a bouncing projectile called UVX. This projectile can hinder and weaken players, and The Unknown also has the ability to create hallucinations and execute teleports.

While the All Things Wicked update won’t be released until next month, players on Steam can access the limited-time playable test build (PTB). Update 7.6.0 PTB is now live, and the full patch notes are available for those who want to delve into all the details.

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