Does Last Epoch feature controller support?

Is Last Epoch Compatible with Controllers?

Engaging in epic battles and embarking on daring quests may require more than just a mouse and keyboard. So, the question arises: does Last Epoch support controllers?

Now that Last Epoch has transitioned from Early Access to full release, many players eager to delve into the world of action role-playing games and dungeon crawlers are curious about the game’s controller support. While the traditional mouse and keyboard setup is favored by many, there’s a compelling argument for the use of controllers in this gaming genre.

If you visit Last Epoch’s official Steam page, you’ll see that it’s advertised as having partial controller support, which may raise concerns. However, after putting in some gameplay time, I can confirm that Last Epoch indeed offers controller support, and the experience is quite satisfactory.

Image: PC Invasion

I have tested Last Epoch with both a DualSense controller (PS5) and an Xbox Series X controller, and I’m happy to report that both controllers function seamlessly within the game. While there may be room for improvement in optimizing the button layout—given that the controller buttons are displayed as plain text without any design—overall, the gameplay experience with both controllers was smooth. Navigating through menus felt intuitive, with no lag or skipping. The only issue I encountered was with the DualSense controller, where the keybinds appeared to rapidly switch between DS buttons and PC keys. However, this did not significantly impact my in-game combat experience.

For those considering using a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, it’s worth noting that there have been reports of compatibility issues and bugs. However, connecting a PS5 or XSX controller via USB or Bluetooth should work without any problems.

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