How to apply Infusions in Nightingale

In the game Nightingale, mastering offensive and exploration abilities requires utilizing the many magical enchantments known as Infusions. However, players may encounter these Infusions before being able to apply them effectively.

How to use Infusions in Nightingale

Infusions come in various types and quality tiers, enhancing clothing, tools, or weapons. When applying an Infusion, the item’s quality must match that of the Infusion. As a result, collecting Infusions from chests may not be immediately useful if the player does not possess items of corresponding strength.

For example, an Infusion with a rare (green) background can only be applied to rare items and weapons. To upgrade existing gear to meet these standards, players can utilize the Upgrade Bench, which is awarded early in the game as part of the story progression.

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To apply an Infusion to a piece of kit that matches its rarity, players can right-click on the Infusion in their inventory and select the item to benefit from it. Each item can be upgraded to benefit from three Infusions of different rarities, but only one of each rarity can be equipped.

How to get Infusions in Nightingale

To acquire more Infusions in Nightingale, players can find them or craft their own.

Magical Chests in various locations and important structures in the Realms contain Infusions. Exploring interesting locations and Sites of Power is recommended for finding these tucked away chests.

Making Infusion In Nightingale
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Players can also create their own Infusions using the Enchanter’s Focus. By purchasing crafting recipes from Traders or obtaining them as rewards, players can use their Essence to craft Infusions of varying quality.

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