Little Devil Inside Reemerges With A New Trailer And Cryptic Developer Update

Neostream’s Little Devil Inside Resurfaces with Cryptic Update and New Trailer

After a prolonged period of silence, indie developer Neostream has finally given an update on the highly anticipated survival action RPG, Little Devil Inside. The team has released a new trailer and provided some cryptic insight into the challenges they have been facing.

Internal Conflict and Apologies

Neostream’s recent Kickstarter post addressed the lack of updates and hinted at internal conflicts within the team. The post apologized for the silence and acknowledged the presence of differing visions among team members. The update stated, “We became a team, then grew into a company and tried many hands to make light work. Along the way in all efforts to making a great game, many great people have come and gone.”

Despite the conflicts, the update assured fans that the core members and founders are still at the studio. The team has also indicated that discussions about publishing are underway before a substantial update can be provided. As a teaser, Neostream has released a six-minute montage video showcasing the game running in Unreal Engine 5.

Long-Awaited Gameplay and Story Details

Little Devil Inside first gained attention in 2015 with its Kickstarter campaign and was later featured in the 2020 PlayStation 5 showcase. The game follows an explorer on a research mission to explore a world filled with both real and supernatural threats. Along the way, players will encounter unique characters, engage in survival mechanics, and defend themselves with a sword.

Despite the lack of concrete details, Little Devil Inside continues to captivate audiences with each new reveal, promising an immersive and charming experience.

Release Date and Future Updates

As of now, there is no release window for Little Devil Inside, but fans are eagerly anticipating more details in the near future.