What is Weaver’s Will and Legendary Potential in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch: Weaver’s Will and Legendary Potential Explained

Item mechanics and stats in Last Epoch can be overwhelming for new players. Now that the game has left its Early Access stage, many players will be exploring Eterra, scavenging for loot in dungeons, and defeating enemies. Two key stats that may require clarification are Legendary Potential and Weaver’s Will.

Legendary Potential, Explained

Legendary Potential is a value that ranges from 0 to 4 on Unique items. To craft Legendaries, players need to combine Unique or Set items with Exalted items. The resulting Legendary item’s affixes depend on the Legendary Potential of the Unique item. A higher Legendary Potential means more affixes from the Exalted item are transferred to the newly crafted Legendary. For instance, a Legendary Potential of 3 will randomly apply three affixes from the Exalted item to the Legendary, while a potential of 4 will transfer all affixes.

Weaver’s Will, Explained

Weaver’s Will is a stat used to craft Legendary items by defeating enemies with the item equipped. The more enemies defeated, the more affixes, suffixes, and affix tiers the item gains. Weaver’s Will is rarer than Legendary Potential and is mutually exclusive, meaning it does not coexist with Legendary Potential on an item.

Last Epoch Weaver's Will

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Players should keep track of both stats to craft the best possible Legendary items, especially for those relying on the crafting method, which is heavily dependent on RNG.

Prepare for the grind by familiarizing yourself with all the item rarities in Last Epoch.