Can you fix the Cruise Missile killstreak in MW3?

MW3: Strategies for Dealing with Cruise Missile Killstreak Issues

Reports have surfaced indicating that MW3 is experiencing yet another problem, this time affecting significant aspects of the game such as the Zombies mode and killstreak functionality, particularly the Cruise Missile.

Players have been vocal about the Cruise Missile not functioning properly. This guide aims to provide insights on potential solutions to address the Cruise Missile killstreak issue in MW3.

Understanding the Cruise Missile Glitch

The main issue with the Cruise Missile is that players are unable to control the weapon as intended when launched, rendering it ineffective. This glitch also prevents players from utilizing the boost feature, making it a frustrating experience. Temporary fixes like adjusting key binds or restarting the game have been suggested, but they have only worked for a limited number of players and don’t offer a permanent solution. It is advisable to refrain from attempting these fixes, as they may not resolve the problem. At present, there is no definitive fix available for the Cruise Missile glitch, but it is anticipated that a resolution will be provided in future updates from Activision, who are currently addressing server issues. It is possible that the Cruise Missile glitch is a symptom of broader server disruptions experienced earlier.

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The best course of action for players encountering the Cruise Missile glitch is to avoid using the killstreak and await updates on its status.

Screenshot: Activision

Impact of the Issue

Picture a scenario where you have the perfect opportunity to eliminate a group of enemies trapped in a confined space. You launch the Cruise Missile to target them, but due to the glitch, the missile misses its mark and fails to deliver the intended impact. This frustrating experience can significantly affect gameplay, especially in competitive modes like Ranked matches. The ability to strategically deploy killstreaks can sway the outcome of a game in your favor with a single decisive move. Therefore, when the Cruise Missile malfunctions, it creates additional challenges for players. The absence of a prompt resolution exacerbates the situation, leaving players to cope with the issue.

Fortunately, it appears that the Cruise Missile glitch is currently the only widespread issue affecting MW3. Switching to alternative killstreaks may help players maintain their momentum in the game.

If your rank has been reset unexpectedly, you can find explanations and potential solutions in the same guide. Stay informed and prepared to navigate through any setbacks in MW3.