Check Out New Rise Of The Ronin Gameplay In New Behind-The-Scenes Video

Developer Team Ninja Releases New Gameplay Video for Rise of the Rōnin

Team Ninja has unveiled a new behind-the-scenes video showcasing the intense action combat in the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive, Rise of the Rōnin. The footage gives players a glimpse of the game’s tough and fast-paced combat mechanics, reaffirming the game’s impressive visuals and gameplay.

Exploring the Combat in Rise of the Rōnin

This latest video features game producer and director Fumihiko Yasuda and animation lead Kosuke Wakamatsu delving into the intricate combat system of Rise of the Rōnin. The developers reveal that the combat design was inspired by historical ideologies of the Rōnin, with a focus on authenticity to the Bakumatsu era in Japan.

New Gameplay Footage

Watch the new Rise of the Rōnin gameplay video below to witness the action-packed battles firsthand:

The developers also discuss how the introduction of Western firearms during the Bakumatsu period revolutionized the way Rōnin approached warfare. The integration of guns alongside traditional weaponry added a new layer of depth to combat, requiring players to adapt to ranged tactics while maintaining the signature high-speed and challenging gameplay associated with Team Ninja.

In the video, Yasuda reassures fans that action remains the heart of Rise of the Rōnin, emphasizing that it builds upon the studio’s expertise in crafting adrenaline-pumping action experiences. Wakamatsu echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the expectation for fast-paced and challenging combat in Team Ninja’s games.

New Features and Gameplay Mechanics

Furthermore, the developers delve into the game’s bond system, which allows NPC characters to join the protagonist’s journey and enables players to switch between characters to execute special moves. The video also provides a closer look at the counter system, showcasing the dynamic and strategic combat mechanics in Rise of the Rōnin.

Discover More About Rise of the Rōnin

For additional insights into the game, be sure to watch the Rise of the Rōnin gameplay trailer released last month and read Game Informer’s preview of the game following an interview with the development team in December.

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