Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – PS5 Performance Review

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Performance Review

Final Fantasy VII is a beloved chapter in the Square Enix franchise, and with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the game returns to a format more similar to the PlayStation original, featuring huge open zones to explore. Today, we’ll be diving into the game’s performance on the PlayStation 5 across its different modes of play, taking into account a recent performance and visual quality patch.

High Performance Gaming

As a PlayStation 5 exclusive, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth mirrors the Intergrade upgrade released for the PS5 in 2021. Similar to Intergrade, this game, powered by Unreal Engine 4, offers players the choice between a Graphics mode or a Performance mode, along with the option to turn HDR on or off.

The game performed well even before the patch, with minimal dropped frames in the 30fps capped Graphics mode. The Performance mode sacrifices some visual quality to achieve a smoother 60fps gameplay experience. While there are occasional hiccups in Performance mode during intense battles or scenes with heavy effects, the performance generally stays within acceptable limits.

Visual Quality and Modes

Playing in both Graphics and Performance modes, the game’s visual and technical aspects remain largely identical. The Graphics mode offers a full 3840x2160p output, while the Performance mode targets a lower resolution but aims to upscale back to 4K.

The recent patch focuses on improving the Performance mode, attempting to sharpen the image quality for a clearer and more detailed visual experience. However, the changes are subtle and may not drastically alter the overall visual presentation of the game.

Characters and World Details

The character models in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are a highlight, showcasing impressive effects in battles with extensive particle effects and physics-based interactions. Cinematic sequences benefit from improved lighting and shadows, highlighting the game’s detailed character models.

However, the game still struggles with low-fidelity assets in certain areas, leading to inconsistencies in visual quality. Issues with texture filtering, shadow maps, and surface reflections can impact the overall visual experience.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth delivers an exciting next chapter in the remake trilogy, offering solid performance for both 30 and 60fps players. However, the game faces challenges on the visual front, with some areas lacking high-quality detail and material quality.

While the recent patch provides some improvements, addressing the visual shortcomings may require more significant updates to assets and materials. Despite its visual flaws, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth remains a solid gaming experience with reliable performance.