Nightingale Early Access Review in Progress

Exploring Nightingale: A Co-op Survival Crafting Game

Nightingale presents players with a game of fascinating contradictions. In the Early Access version of this co-op survival crafting game, the experience jumps between being intriguing and confusing, aesthetically pleasing and outright ugly, intuitive and obtuse. While it gets a lot right, the amount of time and effort required to make meaningful progress stands out as a significant challenge. As I continue to delve deeper into the game, I see the potential of building a life from the ground up in this mysterious land – but I also encounter aspects that hold back its otherwise interesting ideas.

Exploring a Gaslamp Fantasy World

Nightingale unfolds in a gaslamp fantasy world, a blend of Victorian, almost-steampunk-but-with-magic setting that offers a fresh and unique experience in the gaming genre. The world is engulfed in a strange fog, and players find themselves navigating realms of the Fae, mythical beings drawn from European Folklore. As a “Realmwalker,” the player embarks on a quest to locate the magical city of Nightingale, the last sanctuary of humanity.