Escape Simulator Potions Garden Walkthrough & Token locations (Magic DLC)

Concocting the Size Potion

The third level in the Magic DLC for Escape Simulator is the Potions Garden, where players will navigate through puzzles by crafting various potions. One key potion to create is the Size Potion, which is essential for advancing in the game.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

In the Potions Garden, players will encounter a table with Mushrooms and a specific recipe for creating the Size Potion using these Mushrooms. The recipe involves selecting three Mushrooms with specific affinities to Earth and Water elements.

Players will need to carefully choose the right Mushrooms to ensure the correct elemental affinity combination. Once the Mushrooms are identified, they should be added to a Cauldron in a specific order to create the Size Potion.

Creating the Fertilizer Potion

After successfully making the Size Potion, players can move on to crafting the Fertilizer Potion, which presents a more complex puzzle. This potion requires a specific combination of Flowers favored by both Bees and Butterflies, adding another layer of challenge to the game.

Fertilizer Potion Recipe In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Players will need to unlock both the Butterflies and Bees to gather the necessary Flowers for the Fertilizer Potion. This involves strategic actions such as freeing the creatures and assembling Beehive Pins in the correct order.

Testing the Flowers and making the Fertilizer Potion

While exploring the Potions Garden, players will come across four distinct Flowers that play a crucial role in creating the Fertilizer Potion. These Flowers need to be tested to determine their affinity for Bees, Butterflies, or both.

By observing how Bees and Butterflies interact with each Flower, players can identify the Flowers that attract each type of insect. Once the correct Flowers are determined, they can be combined in the Cauldron to produce the Fertilizer Potion.

Getting into the second room

As players progress through the Potions Garden, they will encounter a puzzle that involves growing a key to access the second room. This task requires players to decipher a series of patterns and correctly utilize items such as seeds and potions to unlock the door.

Lock Box Fertilizer In Escape Simulator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Players must carefully follow the clues provided in the room to unlock the seed packet containing the key to enter the second room. By growing and utilizing specific plants, players can ultimately access the next stage of the game.