How to Increase Radiation Resistance in Pacific Drive

Understanding Radiation in Pacific Drive

Ironwood Studios has introduced a thrilling survival game called Pacific Drive that is gaining popularity for its atmospheric gameplay. One key aspect of survival in this game is increasing your Radiation Resistance, especially when venturing into hazardous areas. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to boost your Radiation Resistance in Pacific Drive.

Given the unstable and dangerous environment of Pacific Drive, it is crucial to protect yourself and your vehicle from the harmful effects of radiation.

How Radiation Functions in Pacific Drive

Image Source: Ironwood Studios via Twinfinite

Radiation is universally known to be extremely harmful to living organisms as well as mechanical objects. In Pacific Drive, dealing with radiation is a significant challenge, as it can put both your health and your vehicle at risk.

As you explore more Junctions using the Route Planner, you’ll encounter higher levels of hazardous conditions, particularly radiation, the deeper you go into the Exclusion Zone. These radioactive areas can be found in open spaces or around structures requiring exploration.

Exposure to radiation not only increases the gauge below your health bar but also depletes your health over time. Lingering in irradiated zones or transporting ARC Anchors without adequate protection can lead to a significant decrease in your health points. Similarly, prolonged exposure can damage your vehicle, jeopardizing your mobility within the game.

Increasing Radiation Resistance in Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive how to increase radiation resistance
Image Source: Ironwood Studios via Twinfinite

To effectively navigate through irradiated regions for essential items and resources, it is imperative to craft radiation-resistant gear for yourself and your vehicle. This serves as the primary layer of defense against radiation exposure.

To create protective items, you must unlock two machines in Oppy’s Garage: the Outfitting Station and the Fabricator. Unlocking the Fabricator is a prerequisite for accessing the Outfitting Station.

Radiation-Resistant Upgrades for Your Vehicle

Visit the Fabricator and explore the ‘Car Body’ tab to access various upgrades for your vehicle. If you have unlocked the Steel Door/Panel/Bumper options, you will find three lead-based upgrades that offer radiation resistance. Below are the upgrades, along with their prerequisites and benefits:

UpgradeAvailable BuffsPrerequisites
Lead-Plated Door60+ Health
Radiation Resistance 20%
Basic Workbench
Scan Lead Shielding
Research Steel Sheet
Lead-Plated Panel60+ Health
Radiation Resistance 30%
Basic Workbench
Scan Lead Shielding
Research Steel Sheet
Lead-Plated Bumper60+ Health
Radiation Resistance 35%
Basic Workbench
Scan Lead Shielding
Research Steel Sheet

Radiation-Resistant Gear for Your Character

To craft radiation-resistant gear for yourself, utilize the Outfitting Station (unlocked after the Fabricator). Similar to vehicle upgrades, there are three options available to protect yourself from radiation. Here are the gear options, buffs, and required materials:

UpgradesAvailable BuffsRequired Materials
Radiation SuitRadiation Resistance 40%
Blocks Radiation under 2.5K
45 x Fabric
30 x Lead Platelet
30 x Olympium Fragment
Lead-Lined LabcoatRadiation Resistance 40%35 x Fabric
25 x Lead Platelet
Lead ApronRadiation Resistance 20%20 x Fabric
15 x Lead Platelet

Equipping these upgrades will significantly enhance your ability to handle the radioactive challenges within the game.

This guide should help you increase your radiation resistance in Pacific Drive. Let us know your thoughts on the game and how you are navigating through its hazardous elements.

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