The New Nitro Deck+ Switch Controller Doubles As A Portable Switch Dock

CRKD Launches Nitro Deck+ Controller with Portable Dock Functionality

CRKD has introduced an upgraded version of its Nitro Deck Switch controller, the Nitro Deck+, which also functions as a portable Switch dock. This innovative accessory is designed as a single piece that holds your Switch or Switch OLED screen, replacing the Joycons.

Nitro Deck+ clear black and clear white

The Nitro Deck+ connects to the Switch via the USB-C port on the bottom of the console, allowing for better response times compared to wireless controllers. One of the key features of the Nitro Deck+ is its HDMI out support through the USB-C port, enabling you to switch to docked mode without removing the Switch from the accessory. Additionally, a USB-C-to-HDMI cable will be included in the package for added convenience.

The upgraded Nitro Deck+ boasts a new symmetrical thumbstick layout, extra programmable buttons, an eject function for screen removal, and improved rumble capabilities. It also retains all the features of the original Nitro Deck model, such as anti-drift Hall Effect thumbsticks, programmable back buttons, USB-C charging passthrough, adjustable trigger sensitivity, gyro and rumble support, turbo mode, and Bluetooth compatibility.

The Nitro Deck+ is set to be released for $70 in late April and is available for pre-order in clear black and clear white color options on CRKD’s online store. Pre-orders may also be offered on Amazon closer to the launch date.

If you prefer not to wait for the Nitro Deck+, the original Nitro Deck is currently available on Amazon at a discounted price bundled with various color options and a carrying case. While it lacks the HDMI out functionality and other enhancements of the Nitro Deck+, the original model remains a solid choice for those seeking a premium controller grip for their Switch or Switch OLED.

Nitro Deck Switch Controller Bundle Deals

CRKD has also unveiled the Neo S wireless controller, which shares several features with the Nitro Deck, including swappable thumbsticks, programmable back buttons, gyro controls, and more. Priced at $50, the Neo S controller will launch in late April with nine color options, three of which were crafted by graphic artist POPeART.