How to find and beat Restless Spirit boss fight in Remnant 2

Where to Find the Rare Restless Spirit Boss in Remnant 2

The Restless Spirit is a rare encounter in Remnant 2, found randomly in the N’Erud biome. This guide is aimed at helping players locate the Restless Spirit boss in Remnant 2 and providing tips on how to defeat it.

Locating the Restless Spirit Boss in Remnant 2

Finding the Restless Spirit in Remnant 2 is a matter of luck as it does not spawn in every playthrough. The Restless Spirit appears during the Gravity Drive event, which is a rare occurrence and may require several rerolls of N’Erud to discover it.

The Gravity Event can occur in the following N’Erud side dungeons:

  • Astropath’s Respite
  • Spectrum Nexus
  • Terminus Station
  • Tower of the Unseen

Upon reaching one of these locations, thoroughly explore the side dungeon. It’s important to note that encountering one of the correct locations does not guarantee the presence of the Restless Spirit boss fight and Gravity Drive event in your playthrough.

You will recognize the Gravity Drive Event by a large pit emitting a red glow. Descend into the pit.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

At the bottom of the pit, a single door will lead you to a purple vortex. This vortex is the Gravity Drive Event, and interacting with it will initiate the Restless Spirit boss fight.

Where to find the Restless Spirit boss in Remnant 2 guide.
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Defeating the Restless Spirit in Remnant 2

While locating the Restless Spirit may be challenging, the actual fight is relatively straightforward. The key is to stay mobile and dodge the boss’s projectiles. Below are the movesets of the Restless Spirit and tips on handling them:

  • Projectiles: Dodge left to right to avoid the three purple projectiles the boss summons.
  • Crawl: Dodge to the side to evade the boss’s rapid crawl attack.
  • Possession: Focus on the possessed enemy and eliminate it quickly to break the boss’s hold.

Look for opportunities between movesets to deal damage to the Restless Spirit. There are significant gaps between its attacks, allowing you time to strike.

I recommend using the primary weapon Nightfall, especially for its Dreadwalker mod. The mod grants infinite ammo for a period, making it easier to deplete the Restless Spirit’s health bar.

Restless Spirit Boss Rewards

Upon defeating the Restless Spirit boss, players will receive the Timewave Mutator. This weapon applies the Slow status on enemies within a range for a set duration. Upgrading the Timewave Mutator increases its effectiveness, enhancing ranged damage to enemies affected by Slow status upon reaching level 10.