Should you return Erza’s Ledger to Artem or Erza?

Choosing Between Artem’s Offer and Erza’s Ledger in Last Epoch

Deciding whether to complete Artem’s Offer or return Erza’s Ledger in Last Epoch can impact the Unique (orange) piece of gear you receive. Erza offers the Avarice Gloves as a reward for honesty, while Artem presents the Gambler’s Fallacy Amulet.

While you can accept both quests initially, you must ultimately choose to complete either Erza’s Ledger or Artem’s Offer. The unchosen quest will automatically fail once you’ve accepted a reward. Prioritize loot over morals to determine which gear is the most beneficial for your character.

Comparing Avarice and Gambler’s Fallacy

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Choosing Avarice from Erza’s Ledger quest is often the optimal choice for leveling, especially for elemental builds because of its ‘element damage as life’ modifier.

Avarice may not be a popular selection for endgame builds, but it excels in leveling and early monolith builds. I found them to be highly effective throughout the campaign with my Paladin using a Javelin-focused build, making the game feel like a glorified easy mode.

To make an informed decision based on your current gear, compare the stats of Avarice and Gambler’s Fallacy below.

Erza’s Ledger Reward — Avarice

Avarice (Unique Leather Gloves):

  • + 10 Armor
  • + 5 – 10 Mana
  • 3% element damage leeched as health
  • 30 – 39% increased Leech rate
  • 13% Elemental resistance

Artem’s Offer Reward — Gambler’s Fallacy

Gambler’s Fallacy (Unique Ruby Amulet):

  • + 5 – 25 Health
  • + 100% Critical strike chance if you have not dealt a critical strike recently
  • 50% less Critical strike chance if you have dealt a critical strike recently
  • 10 – 15 Health Gain on Crit

(The term “recently” refers to the last four seconds in Last Epoch.)

For those venturing into Last Epoch for the first time, explore our article on Cycles to gain insights into the game’s seasonal system and future prospects. Best of luck on your adventures, fellow traveler!