Which faction should you choose in Last Epoch?

Choosing Between Circle of Fortune and Merchant’s Guild in Last Epoch

If you’re eager to engage in item trading in Last Epoch, or if you prefer to focus on solo loot farming, Last Epoch offers a unique solution through its faction system. By selecting either the Merchant’s Guild or Circle of Fortune, you can customize the way you acquire loot.

The Merchant’s Guild provides access to the in-game trading system, while the Circle of Fortune caters to players who enjoy farming for loot independently. Both factions come with their own set of advantages and drawbacks, and this guide is designed to assist you in determining the most suitable faction for your playstyle.

Circle of Fortune

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The Circle of Fortune serves as an Item Faction for players who are uninterested in trading or who derive enjoyment from loot farming. By aligning with the Circle of Fortune, you gain access to the Observatory, where you can acquire Prophecies that enhance the drop rate of specific items.

Players can also invest in Lenses from the Observatory to amplify Prophecies and further refine their target farming efforts. Why spend all your gold when you can locate the desired items on your own?

Additionally, by progressing through various Ranks, the Circle of Fortune provides bonuses that boost the quantity and quality of loot dropped by enemies. Keep in mind that items obtained while aligned with this faction cannot be traded if you opt to switch factions.

Merchant’s Guild

Merchant's Guild Last Epoch
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The Merchant’s Guild caters to players interested in engaging in gear transactions with other players. By joining the Merchant’s Guild, you gain access to the Bazaar, which functions as a traditional ARPG auction house.

Whether you require a specific item for your build or have an item suitable for another class that could fetch a handsome sum, the Merchant’s Guild has you covered. The only constraints are your current Rank, determining what items you can sell, and the inability to trade items obtained while aligned with the Circle of Fortune.

Joining a Faction in Last Epoch

Zerrick Mechants And Fortune Tellers Faction Quest Last Epoch
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During Chapter Nine of Last Epoch’s campaign, Zerrick presents the Merchants and Fortune Tellers side quest. Upon acquiring this quest, you can promptly choose a faction following Zerrick’s dialogue or select Y to postpone your decision.

As a solo player who relishes collecting loot, I opted for the Circle of Fortune, and so far, I am content with my selection. Equipped with a loot filter, I gleefully channel my inner treasure goblin as I eliminate foes with my javelin and reap the spoils.

Switching Item Factions

You have the flexibility to switch your Last Epoch faction at any time by pressing Y and selecting Leave Faction. While changing factions, you will forfeit any existing Favors and lose the ability to utilize items acquired while under your current faction. However, there are no other penalties associated with switching.

Item Faction Ranks, Favors, and Vendors

Faction Rank Last Epoch
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Upon selecting an Item Faction in Last Epoch, you will earn Favors by defeating monsters and completing quests. These Favors can be utilized to procure goods from your Faction Vendor and enhance your Rank as they are expended.

Ranks unlock various benefits within Item Factions, including the activation of a loot buff or the ability to buy and sell new item types. The Merchant’s Guild introduces Faction Rank Requirements, mandating a specific rank to utilize certain items.

Faction Ranks are shared across your account and among characters in the same game mode. Similarly, the Merchant’s Guild auction house operates in the same manner, with standard players engaging in a distinct economy from Hardcore players, for instance.

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