4 best Pokemon games for Switch, ranked

Best Pokemon Games for Switch: Ranked

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was released, there have been twelve Pokemon games available for the platform. But which ones stand out as the best? Let’s take a look at the top four Pokemon games for Switch.

This list focuses on original games made for the Switch, excluding remakes and deluxe editions like Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl or Pokken Tournament DX. So, which are the top four Pokemon games for the Switch?

4. Detective Pikachu Returns

Image: Gamefreak

Detective Pikachu Returns may not be flawless, but it offers a unique perspective on the world of Pokemon. With its focus on the relationship between people and Pokemon from a legal standpoint, this game brings something different to the Pokemon universe. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Pokemon in jail with their own social hierarchy? It’s a refreshing take on the Pokemon world.

3. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

4 best Pokemon games for Switch ranked Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
Image: Gamefreak

Despite some technical issues, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offer a fresh take on the Pokemon series. The realistic writing, challenging gameplay, and captivating world of Area Zero make this game a standout title. Don’t let the naysayers deter you from experiencing this gem in the Pokemon franchise.

2. New Pokemon Snap

4 best Pokemon games for Switch ranked New Pokemon Snap
Image: Gamefreak

New Pokemon Snap is a highly anticipated sequel that delivers on the promise of its predecessor. The game offers a creative premise and unique gameplay experience that Pokemon fans will appreciate. If you’re looking for a fresh take on the Pokemon world, give New Pokemon Snap a try.

1. Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus Icon
Image: Gamefreak

Pokemon Legends: Arceus stands out as a top Pokemon game for the Switch, offering an engaging open-world experience. The game combines traditional Pokemon battles with the untamed world of Sinnoh, featuring new regional forms of Pokemon to discover and capture. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a unique and thrilling addition to the Pokemon series.

These are the four best Pokemon games for the Switch, ranked. We look forward to more exciting entries in the world of Pokemon games for the Switch.