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Evaluating the Apple Vision Pro

Looking back in 20 years, the Vision Pro from our Hyper Apple Vision X may be viewed nostalgically as the device that kickstarted the spatial computing revolution. Apple has once again pushed boundaries with a device that is both incredible to use and transformative in its goals. Despite its flaws, the Vision Pro brings a new dimension to computing that is hard to ignore.

Delving Into Spatial Computing

Apple defines the Vision Pro as the world’s first spatial computing device, where the real and digital worlds interact seamlessly. Unlike augmented reality, the Vision Pro projects the real world through close-to-4K screens. With 12 cameras capturing the surroundings, the device offers a near lifelike experience with a touch of digital noise.

There are a total of 12 cameras in the headset, firing images into your eyes via two beautiful screens.

The Vision Pro’s gesture-based interface requires users to navigate through the device using hand movements. Adjusting to this method takes some time, but once familiar, it offers a unique and immersive way to interact with applications.

Vision Pro Image

Interacting with Applications

The Vision Pro’s interface relies heavily on gestures for tasks like scrolling, opening apps, and resizing windows. While the system is intuitive, there were some instances of accidental gestures triggering unwanted actions. However, the overall user experience remained seamless once accustomed to the device’s behavior.

Instead of pointing your fingers where you want to click, you just point your eyes.

Gameplay on the Vision Pro offers unique experiences that blend elements of augmented reality with traditional gaming. Titles like LEGO Builder’s Journey showcase the device’s capabilities, although some adaptations may have room for improvement.

Vision Pro Image

Experiencing Immersive Content

Movies and immersive video experiences on the Vision Pro offer a unique and captivating viewing experience. From 3D movies to virtual concert rehearsals, the device enhances traditional media consumption by placing users in the heart of the action.

Hands down my favorite part has to be AppleTV’s immersive video experiences.

While the Vision Pro excels in entertainment, its potential for productivity remains to be fully realized. Workplace applications like Excel and Word offer a different experience on the device, with room for improvement in usability and functionality.

Vision Pro Image