All Milestones & Rewards for Prize Leap in Monopoly GO

Full List of Milestones and Rewards for Prize Leap in Monopoly GO

Below is a complete list of all the rewards for the Prize Leap Milestone Event in Monopoly GO. Note that cash rewards vary from player to player, so I can’t give any values.

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards
1515 Free Rolls
315Green Sticker Pack
480120 Free Rolls
620Green Sticker Pack
72510 minutes of Rent Frenzy
8180225 Free Rolls
93010 minutes of Cash Grab

How does the Prize Leap milestone event work in Monopoly GO?

Image: Scopely

Prize Leap is a milestone event in Monopoly GO. In milestone events, you will be tasked with simply collecting points. As you hit the point milestones, you’ll be well rewarded. The point requirements will generally get larger and larger, but so will the rewards. Also, keep in mind, that sometimes they’ll jump in the points needed.

How to get points in Prize Leap in Monopoly GO

To get points in Prize Leap in Monopoly GO, you’ll need to land on any of the Corner Squares of the board. Upon doing so, you’ll earn 4 points.

The points you gain will be multiplied by your current Dice Multiplier, so I hope you have a lot of spare dice.

Best way to win Prize Leap in Monopoly GO

Since only four Tiles in this event will get you points, you will want to have your dice multiplier at the maximum only when you’re near a corner to save dice. When you’re about four to seven Tiles away will be the optimum time to have your Dice Multiplier at its maximum.

This is because when rolling two six-sided dice, they are close to the average dice roll, so you should have a higher chance of landing on a needed Tile. Ultimately, however, the whim of the dice is a random one, so this is only general advice and won’t guarantee a thing.

How long will Prize Leap last in Monopoly GO?

The Prize Leap milestone event started at 8 PM UTC on February 27 and will last for just over two days, ending on March 1st. Now that you’re up to date with the Prize Leap Milestone event for Monopoly GO, make sure you’re also up to date with the latest Partners event news.