Dinosaur Survival Horror Makes its Grand Return in Fossilfuel 2

Dino Escape: Survival Horror Unleashed

While the whole gaming community eagerly anticipates the revival of Dino Crisis, indie developers are already delivering bone-chilling thrills with Fossilfuel 2. Developed by the talented team at DangerousBob Studio LLC, this highly-awaited sequel brings survival horror to a whole new level. Get ready for a hair-raising adventure through flooded tunnels, puzzling bunkers, and shadowy corners filled with terrifying dinosaurs.

Spinosaurus will track you down on land or in water.

Uncover the Mystery at Sierra Research Facility

Deep in the icy wilds of Alaska sits the Sierra Research Facility, once a hub of groundbreaking scientific exploration. When the prehistoric creatures held captive within its walls break loose, the facility transforms into a subterranean tomb. Assume the role of Jack Allen, part of a team sent to investigate the disaster at Sierra. Prepare to confront the ancient reptilian threat and unveil a massive conspiracy that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

FF2 explosion
The flamethrower is particularly satisfying.

Gameplay Overview

  • Immersive First-Person Experience: Step into Jack’s shoes and navigate through labyrinthine corridors, taking cover in vents, and setting traps to outwit the relentless raptors hot on your trail.
  • Exploration and Strategy: Delve into the flooded recesses of the base, rediscover areas, upgrade your arsenal, and strategically drain water to create safe havens that unlock multiple game endings.
  • Blood-Pumping Violence: Engage in intense combat against dinosaurs, dismembering them with a variety of weapons ranging from shotguns and magnums to flame-spewing flamethrowers that illuminate your foes.
  • Underwater Menace: Plunge into submerged passageways and rooms, battling aquatic dinosaur threats that prove as deadly as their land-dwelling counterparts.
  • Snap and Survive: Utilize a digital camera to capture images of dinosaurs, earning points that can be traded for upgrades and weapons, injecting a unique RPG element into the gameplay.
FF2 megalodon
A horror game with a Megalodon? Yes, please.

Exciting Features

  • Unpredictable Endings: Your journey will culminate in diverse endings, shaped by the decisions you make along the way.
  • Primitive Action: Transform your gameplay experience with the primal mode, introducing a new boomer shooter vibe to keep you on your toes.
  • Survival Challenges: Test your skills in the intense 50-wave horde mode and unlock special achievements.
  • Create Your Reality: Unlock a sandbox mode reminiscent of Garry’s Mod, allowing players to unleash their creativity by spawning NPCs, building structures, and witnessing epic battles.

Experience the gripping world of Fossilfuel 2 now on the Xbox Series X|S.