Inside and Limbo studio’s long-in-the-works third game resurfaces in new concept art

Playdead Teases Third Project with New Concept Art

After years of anticipation, Playdead, the developer behind Limbo and Inside, has finally shared new images of its mysterious third project. This confirmation comes almost five years since the last update on this highly-awaited game.

The first concept art for Playdead’s untitled third game was revealed back in 2017, shortly after the success of Inside. The initial artwork hinted at a sci-fi themed adventure with a sense of solitude. Since then, glimpses of atmospheric concept art have emerged over the years, giving fans a peek into a world where a lone space traveler explores a desolate planet filled with abandoned technology. According to Playdead’s job listings, the project is described as a “third-person science fiction adventure set in a remote corner of the universe.”

INSIDE Trailer 2016

Playdead’s previous game, Inside, launched in 2016.

Currently, Playdead is actively hiring for various positions, indicating progress on their third project. The studio recently shared new concept art showcasing the main character alongside futuristic farming equipment and a snowy landscape dotted with industrial structures. While these images don’t reveal much about the game’s specifics, it’s exciting to see development moving forward.

Concept art for Playdead's unnamed third game showing pipes and looming industrial buildings in a blanket of snow.

Image credit: Playdead

While details about Playdead’s upcoming game remain scarce, the studio’s dedication to quality and creativity is evident in these new teasers. Fans can rest assured that the project is still in the works, following the pattern set by Inside’s lengthy development process. Despite key team member Jeppe Carlsen’s departure to start Geometric Interactive, Playdead continues to uphold its reputation for delivering innovative and captivating gaming experiences.