Raft – How to Get Trade Coins

How to Earn Trade Coins in Raft

Trade Coins, along with Trash Cubes, are crucial currencies for transactions at the Trading Post in Raft.

While Trash Cubes can be easily obtained on your raft, acquiring Trade Coins requires a bit more effort.

Acquiring Trade Coins

To obtain Trade Coins in Raft, you must engage in the trade of rare fish at the Trading Post.

The process begins with fishing using any type of Bait, which can be purchased at the Trading Post using Trash Cubes.

Navigating the Trading Post

In order to access Trade Coins, you must first unlock the Recycler blueprint by completing the initial story island (the Radio Tower), allowing you to create Trash Cubes.

Once you have Trash Cubes, venture to a larger island and locate the Trading Post, typically found in a distinct area or atop high mountains. It’s easier to spot the Trading Post at night due to the glowing bottle lights surrounding it.

Trading Process

The Trading Post presents two main tabs: Buy and Sell.

  • In the Buy tab, you can utilize Trash Cubes and Trade Coins to purchase a variety of items, with Bait being an exclusive offering for Trash Cubes.
  • The Sell tab enables you to exchange rare fish for Trade Coins, highlighting the primary method for obtaining this currency.

Maximizing Trade Coins

To maximize your Trade Coin earnings, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase Bait using Trash Cubes.
  2. Choose a fishing rod and use the acquired Bait to catch rare fish.
  3. Return to the Trading Post to sell the rare fish for Trade Coins.

Each tier of rare fish corresponds to specific Trade Coin values and reputation points. Advancing through reputation tiers unlocks access to higher-tier Bait options, ultimately increasing your Trade Coin potential.

By understanding this process and strategically investing in higher-tier Bait, you can efficiently accumulate Trade Coins in Raft.