Respawn’s Star Wars FPS Canceled Amid EA Layoffs

Publisher Electronic Arts Restructures, Cancels Star Wars First-Person Shooter

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced another round of layoffs and restructuring, leading to the cancellation of Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars first-person shooter. The company is also shifting its focus away from games based on licensed IP and towards its own IP and sports franchises. As part of the restructuring process, Battlefield studio Ridgeline Games is being shut down.

Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi games are safe

In a press release, EA executive Laura Miele expressed the difficulty of the decision to move away from the Star Wars FPS that Respawn Entertainment was in early development on. The publisher has decided to prioritize projects like the Jedi series and new creations based on owned brands such as Apex Legends.

Ridgeline Games, led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, is also affected by the restructuring. Lehto, who had departed Ridgeline earlier in the week, was unaware of EA’s plans. He took to Twitter to express his surprise, calling the news of Ridgeline’s closure and the layoffs a “gut punch.”

Ridgeline Games was focused on developing the campaign for the next Battlefield game, which EA states is making progress. Miele acknowledged the impact of these changes on employees, recognizing the difficulty of the situation and the disruptions it may cause.