WarioWare-Like Minigame Collection ‘Super 56’ Brings The Party To Switch This Year

Switch Gets More Wacky Minigames with SUPER 56

In 2023, WarioWare: Move It! arrived on the Nintendo Switch, bringing back the crazy world of wacky minigames. Fans of that experience may be interested in checking out SUPER 56, set to release on the Switch later this year, promising to be just as off-the-wall.

Developed by indie team Onion Soup Interactive and published by WhisperGames, SUPER 56 features a collection of one-button minigames (a total of 56) where you can drive, fish, date, catch, and generally have a lot of fun. While it may not reach the same level of absurdity as the WarioWare series, that might not be a bad thing.

Similar to its source of inspiration, SUPER 56 is packed with references. In the trailer, we caught glimpses of Punch Out!!, Ace Attorney, a Game Boy, Doom, and more. Get ready to start creating those DiCaprio pointing at the screen memes.

The game was initially launched on Steam in the late previous year and has garnered “Very Positive” reviews. Although the Switch release date is currently uncertain, with a tentative timeframe of “Q3 2024,” we’ll be on the lookout for more details in the months ahead.


  • – 56 fast-paced games to master, each filled with unique references, homages, and outrageous humor
  • – A wide array of genres including karting, fishing, archery, typing, photography, dating sims, monster catching, and more
  • – One-button control for the entire game, even the menu, offering an easy experience for everyone and a challenging one for all
  • – New microphone mode for noise/voice control, ideal for players with mobility impairments or those who prefer alternative controls
  • – Daily Challenges to keep the game fresh with customized stage playlists and unique rule configurations
  • – Steam leaderboard integration for comparing scores
  • – Over 80 unlockable achievements
  • – Trials for added gameplay challenge
  • – Local multiplayer support for 2 – 8 players
  • – Fully customizable character profiles and unique Mod Stones for self-expression
  • – Collectible “instruction manual style pages” for each stage
  • – Dynamic soundtrack that changes to match the stages and game tempo

All in all, SUPER 56 looks like a blast, and we can picture it being a fantastic addition to the Switch library. Let’s hope the wait until Q3 isn’t too excruciating.

What are your thoughts on SUPER 56? Share with us in the comments below.