Old School RuneScape (OSRS) – How to Get to Wintertodt

Wintertodt: The Firemaking Skilling Boss in OSRS

Wintertodt, known as the Firemaking skilling boss, is a beloved challenge for players in Old School RuneScape.

While facing death is common when dealing with Wintertodt, the potential rewards, including hundreds of thousands of Firemaking experience, make it a worthwhile endeavor.

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How to Get to Wintertodt in OSRS

Wintertodt is located in the northernmost part of Kourend, beyond the city of Arceuus.

While it is possible to walk to Wintertodt from Kourend, there are more efficient methods of transportation available.

Teleporting With A Games Necklace

The Games Necklace is a great way to teleport to various locations in Old School RuneScape, including Wintertodt.

This method is the quickest way to reach Wintertodt and is recommended for all players.

Players often stock up on Games Necklaces in bulk since they can only hold a maximum of eight charges before disintegrating.

Despite their valuable purpose, Games Necklaces are relatively inexpensive.

Teleport With Fairy Rings

Fairy Rings are a popular method of teleportation in Old School RuneScape. Players who have completed the “Fairytale Part II – Cure A Queen” quest can access Fairy Rings.

By using the Fairy Ring code CIS, players can teleport near the Dark Altar north of Arceuus and walk a short distance to Wintertodt.

While not as fast as a Games Necklace, Fairy Rings are a convenient travel option for players near a Fairy Ring.

The Lovakengj Minecart System

For players starting from scratch and seeking any means to reach Wintertodt, the Lovakengj Minecart System provides a rail travel option.

To use this system, players must be at another Minecart station and pay a fee of 20gp (or no fee if they have completed the “Forsaken Tower” quest).

The Lovakengj Minecart System offers up to twelve different destinations throughout the Great Kingdom of Kourend.

These are the ways to access Wintertodt in Old School RuneScape. Do you have any feedback on this article? Share your thoughts in the comments below.