Box Art Brawl – Ninja Gaiden Shadow

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North America

Image: Tecmo

The box art design for North America and Europe share many similarities, differing mainly in the portrayal of Ryu Hayabusa and the artistic approach. In this version, Ryu embodies a more ‘traditional’ ninja look, with only his eyes visible under his shadowy attire. Additionally, he is equipped with formidable weaponry.


Shadow Warriors - EU
Image: Tecmo

The European version, on the other hand, presents a more humanized depiction of Ryu, revealing more of his facial features. While he has lost most of his weapons, he still carries a katana on his back. The background remains largely the same, with similar color schemes. One notable difference is the variation in the title logo!


Ninja - JP
Image: Tecmo

The Japanese box art presents a stark contrast, resembling a screenshot from an anime film. Despite the divergence, it offers a captivating image of Ryu wielding his katana with finesse. The use of Japanese text for the title adds a delightful touch to the overall design.

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