How to unlock and beat all 3 Star Performances in Junon

FF7: Rebirth How to get 3 Star Performances in the Junon Parade

Your first task as an undercover Shinra Captain is to rally troops around the area. You technically only need to find five soldiers to advance the story, but you’ll need all ten to get the 3-star performances. Fortunately, the search area is pretty small. Eight soldiers are around the shopping area, and you can find the remaining two outdoors.

Finding all ten may seem like a drag, but you’ll earn the “7th, Assemble!” Trophy/Achievement for your efforts.

Once you’ve found every soldier, I recommend saving your game before speaking to the Commander.

Your team composition determines the level of each performance. With this in mind, set your Drill Team Formation to match the picture above. As long as you pick two Riot Troopers, two Grenadiers, and a Flame Trooper, you’ll be good to go.

With everything in place, all you need to do is complete the performances. The 3 Star routines are the hardest, and while you need to do reasonably well, there is some leeway for mistakes. Remember that if you pause and retry, you must repeat every song, even if you are on the final performance.

It’s hard for me to guide you through a rhythm section, but I find it’s better to press the inputs early rather than late.

How to get the Stealing the Show Trophy in FF7: Rebirth

The Performances detailed above are tied to the Stealing the Show Trophy/Achievement. Stealing the Show has a vague description, but in my testing, it seems that the Trophy will only unlock if you score well.

While I can’t confirm this 100%, I don’t think you can unlock the Trophy if your performances are on a lower difficulty or you miss multiple inputs throughout the minigame.

As you’re in Junon already, make sure you grab the Phoenix Summon Crystals around the area. Check out our guide for the locations.